Chapter 9 : Implementing Mass Storage

The first drive on a system relies on the ___ in stall program to provide partition and format functions


RAID(Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks)

provides speed and data redundancy

RAID 0 (striping)

requires a minimum of 2 drives, Pro is its fast, Con is if either of the drives die you are going to lose everything

RAID 1 (mirroring)

Two drives are used in unison, and all data is written to both drives, giving you a mirror or extra copy of the data, in the case that one drive fails provides safety but slows you down

RAID 5 - Striping with Parity

• File blocks are striped along with a parity block• Efficient use of disk space• High redundancy• Minimum of 3 drivesu can lose one drive

RAID-6: Dual parity

Double-parity RAID or RAID-6, is a method of protecting against multiple storage drive failures by creating two sets of parity data on an array of hard disks. 4 minimum Six total drives, five actual data drives. The drives are striped with parity interleaved to optimize performance. lsoe 2 drives

RAID 10 (stripe of mirrors)

a combination of RaID 1 and RaID 0 that requires at least four disks to work as an array of drives and provides the best redundancy and performance.

RAID 0+1 (high data transfer)

mirrored stripes

Hardware RAID

One of two ways to implement RAID. Hardware RAID is more reliable and better performing than software RAID, and is implemented using the BIOS on the motherboard or a RAID controller card.

RAID not found/RAID not working

is your raid controller active, do you have the right drivers for your system. does it have power? is it plugged in ?

read/write failure

use a SMART dector and replace it

slow problem issue

get some more ram

Loud noise

get a new one

failed to boot

is the boot order correct

Drive not recognized

Typically, this indicates a hardware issue with one of the drives. This could be a failed component, a data corruption issue, or an error in BIOS settings.

OS not found

This usually is a software issue where the boot sector cannot be located. Reboot the computer into the Recovery Console and repair the operating system.

What is the minimum number of drives to perform RAID 5?

It takes a minimum of three drives to create a RAID 5 array.

What is the maximum number of drive failures under RAID 6 at which the array will still function?

A RAID 6 array will function with up to two drive failures.

Which is an example of a hardware RAID controller?

A dedicated RAID controller comes in the form of an expansion card.

RAID 10 requires how many drives?

RAID 10 requires 4 drives.

Which is most likely the result of a corrupted operating system?System attempts to boot from wrong deviceSlow performanceThe hard drive makes a loud clicking noise.Continuous rebooting

Of the choices here, the most likely result of a corrupt operating system is continuous reboots.