anatomy term


surface nearest an adjacent tooth


neck of the tooth

how many line angles are on a tooth


line angle

junction of 2 surfaces

how many point angles are on a tooth


point angle

a junction of three surfaces


a pointed or rounded elevation of enamel found on canine and chewing surfaces of a pre molar and molar

how many cusps are on a premolar


how many cusp are on the 1st molar


maxillary 1st molar

distobuccal cuspdistolingual cuspmesiobuccal cuspmesiolingual cuspcusp of carabelli

mandibular 1st molar

distobuccal cuspdistolingual cuspmesiobuccal cuspmesiolingual cuspdistal cusp

triangular ridge

cusp ridge that descends from the cusp tips toward the central part of occlusal table

marginal ridge

The lingual surface on anterior is bordered mesially and distally on each side by a rounded raised border

triangular fossa

located adjacent to marginal ridges on the occlusal surfaces of the posterior tooth

mesial ridge vs concavity

concavity is located cervical from the mesial proximal ridge


a linear depression in the surface of the tooth

central groove



small pinpoint depressions located in developmental groove where two or more enamel lobes are joined (usually found in deepest area of fossa)

developmental groove

a shallow groove or line between the primary parts of the crown or root

transverse ridge

the union of two triangular ridges produces a single ridge of elevation across the occlusal surface of a posterior tooth buccal and lingual that crosses

oblique ridge

union between the triangular ridge of the distobuccal cusp and the distal cusp ridge of the mesiolingual cusp(only tooth where oblique ridge is found is the maxillary molar)

labial ridge

The canines are the only teeth in the permanent dentition with a centrally placed vertical _____


A convex area on the lingual surface of the anterior teeth near the gingiva

lingual fossa

wide, shallow depressionfound on anterior teeth


Triangular space in a gingival direction between the two teeth in contact