nms week 1 arthritides


inflamation of the joints due to -infection -degenerative-metabolic -autoimmune monoarthropathy = 1 joint oligoarthropathy = 2-4 jointspolyarthropathy = > 5 joints

if you have a monoarthropathy you have a systemic condtion ? T/F

False - gout -infection -trauma

what other factors do we consider with arthritides

age gender

what is the most common arthritide



> 45 y/0female:male - 10:1common joints = weight bearing/large joints

degenerative spine diseae

>30 y/ospecific spinal involment at C5-C7, T2-T5 , T10-T12, L4-S1

DISH (diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis)

onset = >50male predominance common joints = calcification of the ALL30% peripheral joint involvement

RA (seropostive)

Rheumatoid Arthritis scleroderma/PSS progressive systemic sclerosisSLE

Rheumatoid Arthritis

onset = 25-55 YOAfemale to male ratio 2/3:1common joints = Hand, Foot , Wrist, knee, Elbow , GH joint, AC joint, Cervical spine (atlantoaxial)

Rheumatoid arthritis orthos

Bracelet test may be postive, Sharp purser

Rheumatoid labs

RA factor in 75-80%

X ray for Rheumatoid

Symmetrical bilateral intraarticular (rat-bite) erosions, periarticular osteoporosis with ulnar deviation at the MCP Joints

Scleroderma (AKA progressive systemic sclerosis)