What is the central theme of the New Testament.

27 books

How many books are in the New Testament.

In four divisions. Gospels, history, epistles, and prophecy

How is the New Testament organized?

James in 45-50 A.D.

What was the first New Testament book written.

Revelation in the 90's

What is the last New Testament book written.

8-10 authors

How many authors wrote the New Testament.

50 years.

How many years was the New Testament?

An agreement or promise made.

What does covenant mean?

Same as

What does synoptic mean?

Good news.

What does gospel mean?

The Old ends in death while the new ends in life because Jesus resurrected.

What is the difference in the Old Testament and New Testament?

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Mark was written first.

Who are the four gospels? Which was written first?

The life, death and ressurection of Jesus Christ.

What do the gospels tell us

1.was the book approved by an apostle 2.were its contents of a spiritual nature3.did it give evidence of being inspired by God 4. Was it widely received by the churches

What are the tests of authenticity

The birth of the church and good news about Jesus salvation. History.

What is Acts content?

21 letters written to the church.

What is the Epistles content?


Revelation content

Canon means collection of sacred books.

What does canon mean?

His name is John Mark, his mom is Mary, his cousin is Barnabas

Who is Mark's family?

Barnabas and Mark went to Cyprus while Paul and Silas went a different way.

What happened in his missionary journey?

His source and eye witness was Peter.

What is Mark's source for his gospel?

For even the son of man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Mark 10:45