Religion unit 1 lesson 1

divine revelation

All that God has revealed to us about himself.


the ability to think, understand, and make judgments

Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition

Divine Revelation consists in two parts that make one complete deposit of faith. What are they?

Sacred Scripture or the Bible

What is the written account of God's Revelation and his relationship with his people?

Sacred Scripture

What does God speak to us through?


Is God's word alive?

God's word

What speaks to each of us personally?


How many books does the bible contain?

Old Testament and New Testament

What are the names of the two sections the bible is split up into?

46 books

How many books are in the Old Testament?

27 books

How many books are in the New Testament?

life, ministry, and saving acts of the Messiah, Jesus Christ

What do the books in the New Testament focus on?


What are the first four books of the New Testament called?

Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John

What are the four Gospels?

Divine Inspiration

the guidance that the Holy Spirit gave to the human authors of the Bible.


Who is the author of Sacred Scripture?

Old Testament, a Psalm, a reading from the New Testament often from the letters of Saint Paul, and a Gospel reading.

What readings do we hear on Sundays?

Jesus' conception, birth, and infancy.

What are the accounts of the infancy narratives?

The good news of our salvation in miniature.

What are the infancy narratives?

The infancy narratives

What tells the truths of the Incarnation of the only Son of God?

Mathew and Luke

What contains the infancy narratives?


Who is the fullness of Divine Revelation?


Freedom from sin and restoration to union with God.


the free and undeserved gift of God that prompts us to respond to him in love

Sacred Tradition

The living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the church