Lab Equiment


for pouring liquid or powder

Test tube rack

used to hold test tubes during an experiment

Test tube

holds chemicals, can be heated

Erlenmeyer flask

used to hold liquids or mix chemicals


Used to hold chemicals; can be heated


to move apparatus(beaker); and pickup objects


measures temperature

lab burner (Bunsen burner)

Used to heat chemicals and apparatus during experiments

Watch glass

Covers evaporating dish during heating

Glass stir rod

used to mix chemicals can be used when pouring

crucible and cover

Used for high temperature heating


Used to transfer small amounts of solid chemicals

Micropipettes/ Pipettes

Used to transfer liquid chemicals


Used to light a lab burner. Not a toy noisemaker during lab

Pipestem triangle

to hold crucible while heating

Evaporating dish

Holds solutions while they are heating

Ring stand

Used to support the apparatus

Iron Ring

Attaches to ring stand; supports other apparatus while they are heating

Safety Glasses

Eye protection devices worn during lab activities

Wire Gauze

Lays on iron ring to hold beaker, etc... during heating

Test Tube Holders

Used to handle test tubes during experiment

Graduated Cylinder

used to measure the volume of a liquid

Wire brush

Used to clean test tubes