ORR Policy Section 2

What is ORR's UAC release goal?

To ensure a safe, efficient, and timely release for the UAC. (Family reunification)

What is family reunification also known as?

Safe and timely release

Steps involved in the process for safe and timely release of UAC

Identify a sponsorSponsor completes sponsor application FRA in FRP packetInterviews by case managerThe assessment (evaluation) of sponsor's suitability to care for child

When does ORR begin to find sponsors for UAC?

As soon as child is in ORR care

Who can be a sponsor?

ParentsRelativesFamily friends

What does care facility do if they are unable to obtain family records from a child because he is too little or other circumstances?

Contact consulateCollaborate with FFSUse help from a reputable family tracing org

What is Category 1?

A parent or legal guardian

What is Category 2A

Siblings, grandparents, or other immediate relatives that were previously primary caregivers to the UC

What is category 2B

Immediate relatives who were not primary caregivers

What is category 3?

Distant relatives and unrelated adult individuals

What is category 4?

No sponsor

When does ORR not release a child to a parent or legal guardian?

Court ordered termination of parental rights over the childEvidence that child will be at risk of harm if released to parent or guardian

What is FRP?

Family reunification packet

What is FRA

Family reunification application

Within how many hours upon sponsor identification is the sponsor supposed to receive the FRP?

24 hrs