6 preambles of Gov't

what is the first?

form a more perfect union- believe in strength between the states.

what is the second?

establish justice- equality of being fair and just by assuring that all trials have a jury

what is the third?

insure domestic tranquility- keeping peace and making sure that there is law and order at home.

what is the fourth?

provide for common defense- protecting the people of our nation against foreign/ domestic terrorism. ex. OKC bombing

what is the fifth?

promote for general welfare- providing public services to the people. ex. school, law enforcement, and utilities. all in which are funded through taxes

what is the sixth?

secure the blessings of liberty- freedom is a right and when abused can be taken away

what does amend mean?

Minor changes

do Amendments change?

rarely gets ammended, make up the constitution and give the people their rights and guides to guide our governing bodies

what is due process?

making sure you have all evidence and it is valid and in court make sure you have a jury

what does domestic mean?

at home/United States

what does domestic terrorism mean?

attacking your own people within your country

what is the rule of law?

everyone has to follow law (doesn't always work)

what is pardon?

basically a "get out of jail free" card for the people who have convicted a crime when a president shows gratitude toward an applicant who has be punished long enough and they have accepted their crime and is an overall better person (normally the last thing the president does before Election Day, just incase they lose)

what is sovereignty?

they have the ability and right to choose their leaders and choose the laws of the land.

what type of government is the US?