Things I need to learn

Moderate aerobic exercises intensity for CVD is

55% of HRR/ Vigor 60-80% HRR

Water based EX are great for


exercise for core in musculature dynamic position

Multidirectional dynamic fashion

Ex on dyslipidemia

Increase HDL-C

What leads to impingement syndrome

Overdeveloped anterior deltoid

training adaptations can ne maxed in plyo

Keep amortization short as possible

Tightness in the infraspnatus and tres minor

Unable to external roate shoulder past 60 degree

Exercise Frequency for older adult

moderate intensity 5 day or more

Requires the greatest amount of torque by the shoulder joint

Lateral raise in the frontal plane 90 dgree, humeral abduct with 30lb dumbbell elbows extended

Ex intensity for healthy pregnant women


Static stretching can hurt

Muscle strength

Best for stretching illospas

Hip flexor stretcher

Athletes should consume x amount of fluid per pound of Bw weight after weight loss though sweating

1 pint or 600ml

Rotator cuff role

Stabilize the humorous during motion

during initial client contact EPC should provide a service introduction that contains a health history evaluation, medical clreance, and

The client cerfticed EP agreement

ACSM defines moderate exercise as?

40% and less then 60% of VOR

Having strong social support

helps program adherence

With peripheral atrial disease type of aerobic exercise

walking on treadmill

muscle that adducts the shoulder

medial delt and supraspinatus

not a food group but has nutrients


Weight intensity for someone with diabetes M

50-85 of 1RM

Best muscle to devolve to prevent wing scapular

Serratus Antieor

Ex in hot env will increase sweat and

Decrease stroke volume