RCT - vocab week 2


The act by which the Father sent his Son into the world, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Son came to exist as a man within the womb of Mary.


the official public worship of the Church

sacramental economy

The communication or dispensation of the fruits of Christ's Paschal Mystery in the celebration of the Church's sacramental liturgy.

Hypostatic Union

The doctrine of faith that recognizes two natures (one human and one divine) in the one divine Person of Jesus Christ.

Communion of Saints

The unity in Christ of all those he has redeemed: the Church on earth, in Heaven, and in Purgatory.

Theological Virtues

Faith, hope, and charity


all the unordained members of the Church who have been initiated into the church through baptism


A Greek term used to express theexperience of some higher, spiritualpower. This is how the early GreekFathers describe "sacraments." Atranscendent mystery experienced.


A Latin word of many meanings(military oath) which Tertullian(another early church Father) beganto use for ritual celebration of theChristians, especially Baptism and theEucharist.


Something that means what itsignifies and points to anotherreality.

Efficious sign

A sign that does not simply point to another reality itmakes that reality present to us.


A sign with more than one meaning;a multi-dimensional sign.


The study of the Holy Spirit and hiswork in the Church, the world, thehuman person.


study of the church


-The act or process of petitioning forhelp or support.-A calling upon.-Pneumatology precedes Ecclesiology.Any meaningful discussion of theChurch needs to begin with the HolySpirit.


Wholeness achieved throughliberation from sin and oneness withGod. For a Christian, salvation isachieved through Jesus Christ bymeans of his gift of the Holy Spirit.

The universal sacrament of salvation

The outward sign of salvation achievedor begin achieved. Vatican II called theChurch "The Universal Sacrament ofSalvation" meaning that it stands as asign for all persons of all nations thatsalvation through Jesus Christ can befound.

Primordial Sacrament

The term used for Jesus in his humanityto show that for Christians, Jesus is theforemost personal sign of God's lovefor humanity, and that to encounterJesus Christ is to encounter God. Thefoundation for this concept goes backto Jesus' words in John 14:9:"Whoever has seen me has seen theFather.

Sacramental Economy of Salvation

-A term used by the Greek Fathers that says that God's design for human salvation comes about through efficacious signs/symbols that we call sacraments.-*we might say that while salvation is a giftfrom God, it is mediated to people through the principle of sacramentality.* God uses things of the material world to minister to usspiritually. (Example: Eucharist).

Informal Sacraments

The recognition that for variousreasons God, who generally operatesin our world sacramentally, does notalways do so through the Church'sformal sacraments (i.e. Prayer,Scripture).