Power - A block

Power 1

Having control, authority, or influence over others

Power 2

a nation that has influence among other nations

power 3

Ability to act or produce light or effects

Power 4

Right to do something

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke

Both believe: all humans are born in a state of natureAll humans enter a social contract with the gov't

Thomas Hobbes 1

Humans are born in a state of nature and born selfish

Thomas Hobbes 2

Everything belonged to everyone, caused wars all the time

Thomas Hobbes 3

there would be little to no advances in tech because people would steal ideas

Social Contract 1 (Hobbes)

Hobbes believed peeps gave up rights in exchange for gov't protection

Social Contract 2 (Hobbes)

He believed the best form of gov't is a monarchy

Social Contract 3 (Hobbes)

After people give away their rights they cant overthrow, replace, or question the gov't

John Locke State of Nature

Tabula Rasa - peeps are born in a "Blank Slate

State of nature 1 (Locke)

learn through experience and what were exposed to

State of Nature (Locke) 2

all humans have 3 basic rights

Natural Rts 1

Liberty - people want to have freedom

Natural Rts 2

Property - right to own things to survive

Natural Rts 3

Life - all want to live and will fight to survive

Social Contract (Locke) 1

peeps give up certain Rts/freedom so the government protects you

Social Contract (Locke) 2

if the gov't failed to delivers, peeps can overthrow the gov't