Unit 1 history test

What crop turned Jamestown into a profitable enterprise?


What did the headright system offer to get settlers to come to Jamestown?

50 acres of land for free

In the early years of the Virginia colony, a field laborer was most likely called what?

Indentured servants

What is the House of Burgesses?

1st representative government in colonial America (Jamestown)

Why did Nathaniel Bacon lead a rebellion?

VA governor was not providing assistance to farmers from Indians.

Why was the colony Rhode Island founded?

Place for radical Puritans to be safe

Who was the founder and first governor of Massachusetts Bay?

John Winthrop

What church did the Puritans/separatist want to reform?

Church of England

What does "city upon a hill" mean?

Inspirations for others or a good example

Who founded Providence, Rhode Island?

Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson

Who was Anne Hutchinson?

Banished from Massachusetts because she challenged Puritan leaders authority

Who won both the Pequot War and King Phillips War?


Who planned the city of Philadelphia (later Pennsylvania)

William Penn

Who were the Pilgrims?

Puritans separatist who left England for the new world

Who are indentured servants?

Poor immigrants who paid for passage to the new world by agreeing to work

Why was Georgia founded?

Buffer state between SC and Spanish Florida, a place criminals and debtors were sent

Why did Puritans come to the colonies?

Religious freedom

What colony was founded as "a city upon a hill"?

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Who did the English purchase New Netherland from?


Why is the Mayflower Compact unique?

It was the first example of colonial self- government, first signed agreement in a country where colonists agree to obey the same laws.

Who was John Rolfe and why was he important?

He experimented with a hybrid form of tobacco and it forced colonists to expand to find new lands. It also created a need for field laborers to plants and pick the crops.

Who was John Smith?

He was a strong leader in Jamestown.

What is the theory of Mercantilism?

Colonies existed to profit for their mother country.

What exports are the Southern, Middle and New England known for?

Southern- CottonMiddle- Tobacco New England- Livestock

What was the purpose of the Navigation Acts?

Restrict colonial trade and increase British wealth

What is the effect of Salutary Neglect?

It was a policy meant to keep the colonies loyal to Britain by not enforcing rules, and it led to the development of independent colonial trade practices.

What role did the royal governor play in the colonies?

They were appointed by the British King. They oversaw trade, approved laws, and appointed judges.

Who made up the colonial assembly and what did they have control of?

Made up of colonists and they had control of their own government.

Why did the number of enslaved Africans in the South increase in the late 1600's?

Their was a demand for colonial raw materials and the plantation owners needed field workers for their plantations.

What was the Middle Passage?

The part of the transatlantic trade network that carried African slaves from Africa to Wes Indies to North America.

What was the Great Awakening?

A period of time after religion had declined when the people experienced religious conversion in response to gifted preaching.