Counseling and Helping Relationships I

Sigmund Freud is the father of psychoanalysis, which is both a form of treatment and a very comprehensive personality theory. According to Freud's theory, inborn drives (mainly sexual) help form the personality. ________ and ________, who originally worked with Freud, created individual psychology and analytic psychology, respectively.

Alfred Adler; Carl Jung

Eric Berne's transactional analysis (TA) posits three ego states: the Child, the Adult, and the Parent. These roughly correspond to Freud's structural theory that includes

id, ego, and superego

In transactional analysis (TA), the ________ is the conscience, or ego state concerned with moral behavior, while in Freudian theory it is the ________.

Parent, superego

Freud felt that successful resolution of the Oedipus complex led to the development of the superego. This is accomplished by

identification with the aggressor, the parent of the same sex

Freudians refer to the ego as

the executive administrator of the personality and the reality principle

Freud's theory speaks of Eros and Thanatos. A client who threatens a self-destructive act is being ruled primarily by


The id is present at birth and never matures. It operates mainly out of awareness to satisfy instinctual needs according to the

pleasure principle, suggesting humans desire instinct gratification such for libido, sex, or the elimination of hunger or thirst.

If you think of the mind as a seesaw, then the fulcrum or balancing apparatus would be the


A therapist who says to a patient, "Say whatever comes to mind," is practicing

free association

The superego contains the ego ideal. The superego strives for ____________, rather than _________ like the id

perfection; pleasure

All of these theorists could be associated with the analytic movement except


Most scholars would assert that Freud's 1900 work entitled The Interpretation of Dreams was his most influential. Dreams have

manifest and latent content

When a client projects unconscious feelings toward the therapist that he or she originally had toward a significant other, it is called


Which case is not associated with the psychodynamic movement?

Little Albert

In contrast with classical psychoanalysis, psychodynamic counseling or therapy

utilizes fewer sessions per weekdoes not utilize the couchis performed face to face

Talking about difficulties in order to purge emotions and feelings is a curative process known as

catharsis and/or abreaction

Id, ego, superego is to structural theory as ____________ is to topographical theory

unconscious, preconscious, conscious

The most controversial aspect of Freud's theory is

Oedipus complex

Evidence for the unconscious mind comes from all of these except

subjective units of distress scale

In a counseling session, a counselor asked a patient to recall what transpired three months ago to trigger her depression. There was silence for about two and one-half minutes. The client then began to remember. This exchange most likely illustrates the function of the

preconscious mind

Unconscious processes, which serve to minimize anxiety and protect the self from severe id or superego demands, are called

ego defense mechanisms

Most therapists agree that ego defense mechanisms are unconscious and deny or distort reality. Rationalization, compensation, repression, projection, reaction formation, identification, introjection, denial, and displacement are ego defense mechanisms. According to Freudians, the most important defense mechanism is


Suppression differs from repression in that

repression is automatic and involuntary.

An aggressive person who becomes a professional boxer because he or she is sadistic is displaying


A man receives a nickel an hour pay raise. He was expecting a 1 dollar per hour raise. He is furious but nonassertive. He thus smiles and thanks his boss. That night he yells at his wife for no apparent reason. This is an example of