English 9 lyceum

altruistic (adj)

Def: unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others, generousSynonym: charitableAntonym: stingyNuns and nurses are usually very ------- people since they seek ways to help.

Ambivalent (adj)

Def: having contrary feelings or attitudes, uncertain as to course of actionSynonym: undecidedAntonym: certain; firmly convincedI am ------ about a permanent relationship with him, because I like him one day and don't the next.

angular (adj)

Def: lean, sharp-corneredSynonym: gauntAntonym: rotundThe patient has lost so much weight that his face has become --------.

arrogant (adj)

Def: overbearingly assumingSynonym: presumptuous, haughtyAntonym: meek, modestBecause the girl was so -------, she had few friends.

aversion (n)

Def: strong disinclination, dislikingSynonym: hesitance, loathingAntonym: inclinationI have an ------ to the snake exhibit at the zoo.

discern (v)

Def: to differentiate between two or more thingsSynonym: determineAntonym: to ignore; to be obliviousBecause of the fog, I was barely able to -------the landing strip.

Disdain (n)

Def: Intense dislike, to treat someone with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthySynonyms: (to be) arrogant, lordlyAntonym: favor, to loverNever having had to do manual labor, he ------- the idea of becoming a cotton picker.

Disparage (v)

Def: To degrade, to speak of someone or something in a derogatory manner.Synonyms: Belittle, decry, deprecateAntonym: To praise profuselyHis ------- remarks about me caused the committee to give the job to another person.

Disparity (n)

Def: Inequality, the condition or fact of being unequal in age, rank, or degreeSynonyms: Different, unlikeAntonym: similarityThe couple got married even though there was a great --------- in their ages.

Embellish (v)

Def: To decorate, to make beautiful with ornamentationSynonyms: Garnish, ornament, adornAntonym: To abbreviateHe would embellish his narratives with anecdotes about famous people.

Engender (v)

Def: To cause, to produce, to createSynonyms: Make, generateAntonym: To squelchHis angry words -------- strife in his relationship with his wife.

Innocuous (adj)

Def: Harmless, producing no injurySynonyms: Safe, innocentAntonym: Dangerous, injuriousSince the drink is --------- it is okay for us to have some.

Insipid (adj)

Def: Boring and stupidSynonyms: banal, flat, inaneAntonym: Spirited and animated, zestfulI am bored by your ------- talk.