History notes

Power #1

having control, authority, or influence over others

Power #2

a nation that has influence among other nations

Power #3

ability to act or produce and effect

Power #4

right to do something

The two Philosophers both believed...

all humans are born in a state of nature, and humans enter a social contract with the government.

Thomas Hobbes

English philosopher born in 1588

Hobbes believed

that human are born selfish and quick to fight

Hobbes believed

that everything belonged to everyone caused wars all the time

Hobbes believed

that there would be little or no advancement in tech because people would steal ideas

Hobbes believed

that people gave up their rights in exchange for government protection

Hobbes believed

that the best form of government was the monarchy

Hobbes believed

that once people give up their rights they can not overthrow, replace, or question the government

John Locke

English philosopher born in 1632

Locke believed

people are born with a blank slate

Locke believed

people learn through experience and what we are exposed too

Locke believed

all humans have three basic natural rights (life, liberty, and property)


all will want to live and all will fight to survive


people want to have freedom


right to own things to help survive

Locke believed that if there was no social contract...

there would be... no rules. no one to protect natural rights

Locke believed

that people give up certain rights and government gave protection

Locke believed

that if the government failed to deliver, people can overthrow the government