duties and responsibilities and conduct of passengers and crew 2. Safe navigation and operation of the boat 3. Completion of all missions 4. Resond to violatons of law 5. Report discrepant aids to navigation

Who can relieve the coxswain

CO, OIC, XO, XPO, Senion officer on sceneUnder article 5-1-4

When Can the Coxswain Leave the Boat??

(1) in the coxswain's judgment, and after careful consideration of the remainingcrewmembers' experience, the operational benefits clearly outweigh the risk of leaving theboat without a qualified coxswain, and(2) when time permits, every effort is made by the coxswain to receive the concurrence oftheir operational commander.

SAR Policy Title 14 , sec 2

The coast guard SHALL develop, established, maintain and operate Sar