Scene 10: Scar's Cave

Banzai, Shenzi: Oh no, it's the lionesses!


Scar: Ah, Nala... your timing couldn't be more perfect. My, how you've grown...

Scar, you have to do something. We're being forced to overhunt.

Scar: You've just given me a brilliant idea.

You're the king. Control the hyenas.

Scar: The solution to my despair...

They're destroying the Pridelands.

Scar: an heir!

If we stop now there's a chance for things to be all right again... are you listening to me?

Scar: It's time this king had a queen.

What are you talking about? Get away from me!

Scar: Oh, Nala... you know how I loathe violence... But one way or another, you will be mine!

Never, Scar. Never!