Drivers Ed Study Guide

Most dangerous place on the road?


To make a legal right turn on redired arrow?

Stop, Check for traffic, turn when it's clear

What moving violation carries the highest number of points on your license?

Passing a stopped school bus (5 points)

Who always has the right of way?


What kind of insurance is required in this state?


What are the numbers in thousands of dollars?


How far in advance should you signal before a turn?

200 feet

What is required by state law on your vehicle?

License tag light

If you miss your turn at an intersection, what should you do?

Go to the next intersection and turn there

What is the maximum speed limit for a moped?

30, also you must be 16 years or older and wear a helmet

What is the maximum speed limit for a school bus?

45 mph

Speed limit inside the city limits

35 mph, outside the city limits 55 mph (unless otherwise posted)

What is the legal limit for DWI in NC?

.08% percent

What is the legal limit for a provisional license (under 21)?


What percentage of traffic fatalities(deaths) involve alcohol?


Implied consent law. You agree to take a blood/breath test if asked to do so

You may refuse to do so if you do you'll lose your license for 12 months

What is the best thing to use on snow?

Chains on your tires

If you run off the road to the right onto the shoulder, what should you do?

Let off the accelerator and turn the wheel slightly to the left

If you get into a skid, what should you do?

Turn the steering wheel in the same direction the rear is skidding

If you are taking medications and are planning to drive, what is the first thing to do?

Read the side effects

If you have a traffic circle(which is a specially designed intersection) do the vehicles traveling in the inters├Ęction have the right of way or thevehicles entering?

The vehicles traveling in the intersection

Where are places on the road where it is illegal to pass and also unsafe?

Intersections, railroad crossings, when there is a solid yellow line in your lane (or double solid yellow lines), and where you cannot see at least 500 ft clear path of travel.

What is the fine for littering in the state of NC?

$250 up to $1000 dollars

What system carries harmful fumes from the engine to the rear of the vehicle?

exhaust system

What do you do if you miss your exit on the highway?

Go to the next exit

What is the most common type of collision on the highway?

Rear end ( it is also true for any road)

If your vehicle breaks down, what do you do?

try to get your car off the roadway, tie a white handkerchief onto the left door handle or radio aerial and raise the hood

If you are driving constant downhill or down a steep hill what should you do?

use a lower gear

What can be the most dangerous drivers, Slow drivers or middle-aged drivers?

slow drivers

When backing straight You're left hand should be

at top of the steering wheel (@ 12 o'clock) and go no more than 10 MPH.

What's the best thing to do in adverse conditions(rain,etc.)

Increase your following distance

In rain,sleet, snow, fog, or at night in the city Do you use high beam headlights or low beam?

low beam

How often do you get your vehicle inspected?


If you get points on your license how long do they stay?

3 years. Remember you can have 3 points removed by going to a driver improvement clinic.

If you're wanting to pass farm equipment

Be PATIENT ( look for this key word in the answer)

What are NO-ZONES when driving with a tractor-trailer?

Those are his BLIND SPOTS

What do you do if you have a blowout?

LET off the accelerator and grip the wheel firmly. You also do the same thing when you Hydroplane

What's an extra precaution when changing a flat tire?

Block the wheels

What is considered a safe following distance?

2 seconds behind the car in front of you

If traveling and you feel sleepy or tired what's your best option?

stop and rest

When rounding a curve, what path does the vehicle take?

Path C (which is the path going straight)

As your speed increases you should also do what?

Increase your following distance

When are roads most slippery?

Just after it begins to rain (the first 15 minutes or so)

When walking Pedestrians should always

walk facing traffic (when there are no sidewalks) and at night wear or carry something white

Should bicyclists drive with traffic or facing traffic?

with traffic

Any question concerning open container of alcohol.

Pick the answer lose your license for 12 months

When drying out wet brakes you should

drive a short distance and keep light pressure on the brake pedal