Graphic Design

What is typeface? Explain the difference between serif font and sans-serif font.

Typeface, often called a font, is a set of lettering or characters that have specific characteristics for design, size, weight, italics, etc. Serif font is a sub category of typeface. If a font is serif, it has small lines or characters added to the ends of the characters to exaggerate and/or decorate the characters in their basic form. A sans-serif font is the opposite; the characters of a font are without embellishment or decor.

Define the term, layout. Look at the image below. Describe the layout. Do you find it engaging? What draws you to it? Be specific in your descriptions and opinions.

Layout is the overall plan for the appearance of the plan, which is designed to be interesting and draw people to it. Descriptions will vary, but may include components such as the typeface, the placement of the words and images, the words and images chosen, etc. Opinions should be justified and thought out.

What is lithography? What is the history of lithography? What is it used for today?

Lithography is a printing medium using a stone press on which areas are made receptive to ink, while other areas are not. The word "litho" means stone, which relates to the use of the stone press. Today, lithography is mainly used in modern-pop art and in printmaking.

What is serigraphy and what is it primarily used for? Name the popular term for serigraphy.

Serigraphy is a technique in which an image is transferred by forcing ink through fine mesh or silk. It is primarily used for making placing logos, images, or characters on T-shirts or other pieces of clothing. The commonly used term for serigraphy is silkscreen printing.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is an artistic and professional form of communication that focuses on the use of symbols and stylistic elements to convey a message. To be effective, it must be easily understood and recognizable.

Define the term, advertisement. Look at the advertisements below. Which communicates most to you? Why?

Advertisement is a method of communication, whether through words or pictures, used in order to persuade the general public to consume or purchase a product or service. Advertisement opinions will vary, but should be supported with reasoning.

Imagine you are creating an advertisement and its layout. List answers for the following questions:1) What are you advertising?2) What type(s) of advertisement(s) would be most effective? (ex: magazine, television, etc.)3) What symbols or words would be most useful to use? What typeface?4) Who is/are your audience or potential buyers?5) What would the layout be?

1) I am advertising tampons.2) commercial and magazine would be most effective.3) Words such as "leak protection" and "lasts up to 8 hour" would be most useful.4) Girls and women are my potential buyers.5) The layout would be purple with an active girl to show you can be active while wearing them.

Define the terms, symbol and logo. Think about how they are similar and/or different.

A symbol is a picture, sign, or image that is used to represent an object, concept, or idea. A logo is an example of a symbol, that serves the specific purpose of representing a company, idea, or service. A logo may include words, images, or a combination.

Examine the two advertisements above. In your opinion, is advertisement, like the two above, a form of art? Use terms and concepts from the lesson to support your opinion.

Advertisements aren't forms of art. There are simple symbolism but no aspects to individual creativeness.

Look at the logo above. What company does it represent? How did you know? What do you recognize or see when you look at this logo that communicates to you the companies name? Try to use vocabulary words in your response.

This logo is used by the Starbucks Coffee Company. It is easily recognized because of its use of typography (words used in the logo). The typeface (font), along with the words themselves, are associated with Starbucks. The color of green used adds to its recognition, as this color of green is now associated with Starbucks in many people's minds. The company is found in many locations worldwide, and the logo seen above is on most of their merchandise, which can be bought in their stores, or in the local supermarket.