physical science

List two ways scientific discoveries are made.

experiments , accidents

what are the 4 processes of science

observation, questioning,exploring,seeking answers

use the application of science knowledge to improve the quality of life


what is physical science

the study of matter and energy

listen the 2 properties of matter

hardness and taste

physical science concerns the ? and ? of matter


What are four problem solving strategies?

a. Predict a solution to your problem and try itb. eliminate possibilities and try again c. look for patterns on which to maybe predictions d. develop a model - a structure oridea

a(n) ? is an educated guess abt the answer to a problem


a(n) ? is a "rule of nature

scientific law

A(n) ? is an explanation based on meaning observations supportedby experimental results.


Problem solving involves ?thinking.


The ? is the trapping of the sun's energy by the Barth's atmosphere and causes global warming.

greenhouse effect

is the gathering of information by using senses and tools


What results from the mixing of sulfur dioxide and water?

acid rain

The ozone layer protects us from damaging ? radiation


List three examples of fossil fuels.

coal, oil, natural gas