Greek & Latin Roots

What does FAC stand for?

To make or to do.

What does OPUS stand for?

Latin Root "To work

What does ERG mean?

Greek Ergon " To work

What does Labor stand for?

Latin labor "work

What does discomfit mean?

Means to embarrass or confuse

What does edification mean?

an improvement, or enlightenment "to make a building, to build up

What does malfeasance mean?

misconduct or wrongdoing, by the public office.

What does feasible mean?

capable of feeling accomplished.

What does surfeit mean?

the condition of being to full.

What does magnum opus mean?

greatest work of an artist, write or composer

What does modus operandi mean?

specific manner of working

What does opulent mean?

possessing or exhibiting great wealth

What does synergy mean?

power that results from the combination of two or more forces"working together

What does liturgy mean?

a pattern of prayer or worship

What does lethargy mean?

a state of sluggishness, inactivity, and apathy"forgetful idleness

What does laborious mean?

requiring mental or physical health

What does belabor mean?

to discuss in to much detail, to attack

What does elaborate mean?

To explain in greater detail