Art 1 vocabulary

What does still life mean?

An arrangement of inanimate, very day objects, whether natural objects, or manufactured ones.

What does landscape mean?

Natural scenery or a horizontal layout of a composition.

What does portrait mean?

A likeness of a person, especially one showing the face or a vertical layout of a composition.

What does depict mean?

Create or illustrate; narrative art; to tell a story throughout.

What does media mean?

Tools you use to make art.

What is subject matter?

The objects, people or elements emphasized in an artwork.

What does composition mean?

The arrangements of visual elements/subject matter in a work of art.

What does critique mean?

Review of a person's artwork. To help the better their work.

What does portfolio mean?

Case to keep all your artwork in.

What does craftsmanship mean?

Quality of artwork; your neatness.