Intro to Waxing

PKT #1

Larger than PKT #2Used for bulk application for waxTeal tip on electric waxer

PKT #2

Smaller than PKT #1Used for adding small increments of wax; smallest tip used to smooth waxBlue tip on electric waxer

PKT #3

Used for carving occlusal grooves and shaping the area between the marginal ridgesInverted cone shapeShould not be heated

1/2 Hollenback Carver (instead of PKT #4)

All-purpose carverShould not be heated

PKT #5

Used primarily for shaping the marginal ridges and occlusal ridgesShould not be heated

DPT #6 (Darby Perry)

Used to smooth wax; also very effective for crown marginationCan be heated slightly

Which waxing instruments should not be heated, and should instead be used in "cold carving"?

PKT #3,4 (1/2 Hollenback),5

Whip Mix Brush

Stiff white end used for removal of loose flakes of waxFlexible end used for applying powdered wax (Gnathology)

Teal Tip for electric waxer

PKT #1

Blue tip for electric waxer

PKT #2

Green tip for electric waxer

#7 wax spatula

Black tip for electric waxer

1/2 Hollenback

Pink and Yellow tips for electric waxer

used in dentures course