Quiz 1 Answers

MD & VA made up the...

Chesapeake Bay Region

The Puritans settled in which region?

New England (N.E)

Which region had more moderate growing seasons, good soil, & access to plenty of water

Mid- Atlantic

Which region grew cash crops

The southern region

Which COLONY was the first to create a law protecting religious freedoms

Maryland (MD)

Which area settled primarily by intact family groups?

New England

What event was the turning point between the labor systems of indentured servitude & chattel slavery in the South?

Bacon's Rebellion

What decades sees an increase in Native American conflict in the colonies?


Why was the first British colony established in North America

Money/ profit

Which country established the first colony in what is now New York?

The Dutch

How did the location and place impact the development of New England?

new England had rocky soil, cooler temperatures, therefore growing seasons were shorter