Halfway through FURS

You're getting dressed for your trip but you're unsure if you can wear your new boots with your uniform. What resource do you have to confirm the requirements?

Uniform and Appearance Standards

From the items listed below, what are acceptable ways to wear your uniform according to the Uniform Appearance Standards? Check all that apply.

-Black Athletic Shoes.-Facial hair one half inch from face-Earrings one inch in diameter

While on aircraft cell phones may only be used ________.

with no Passengers in view and with at least one exit door open

As a requirement for every flight what must you do to ensure your IEFB is up-to-date to meet FAA requirements? Select all that apply.

-Charge IEFB to min of 90%-Review & confirm having read all View Documents-Read and comply with all Comply documents-Sync within 24 hours

Your IEFB is up to date, you have your ID badge, passport, and are dressed in accordance with the Uniform Standards. What else is a requirement for every flight? Select all that apply.

-mi Orders sled-Flashlight-Wristwatch

You've just arrived at the airport and plan to go through the KCM checkpoint. Which items in your bag could be flagged as a prohibited item? Select all that apply.

-Darts-Self-defense spray

You've made it through security, and now it's time to check in. Your first leg to San Diego departs at 11. What time are you to report to your gate?

10:30.(30 min. before departure)

It's the night before your trip and you've synced your IEFB, read all updates, and confirmed that you have reviewed and understand the updated publications. Why is it important to do this? Check all that apply.

-To stay compliant-To stay informed of procedures that could have an affect on the Safety of our Customers-To possibly prevent potential for injuries or damage to assets

What are some of the procedural changes, policy updates, and company information you may receive when you sync and comply with the red badges? Check all that apply.

-IIOTGs-Bulletins-RBFs-FAM revisions

You're at the front of a B737-700 and need to locate a flashlight. Which area of the cabin should you look to find it quickly?

Forward-Entry Stowage Compartment

There's a lot of smoke in the cabin, making it hard to breathe and see. You need to locate the piece of equipment that will help you see through the smoke. You're on a b737-700. Where do you look for this equipment?

Forward-Entry Stowage Compartment

You have a Passenger who appears to be in cardiac arrest. You're on a B737-700. Where do you look for the right equipment to help him?

Forward-Right OHB

A Passenger's phone has caught on fire, and you need to put the fire out. You're at the back of a B737-700. Where do you find the emergency equipment needed to extinguish this fire?

Aft-Entry Stowage Compartment

You've extinguished the fire caused by the phone. Now, you need to saturate the phone and any affected material nearby with water. You're on a B737-700. Where do you find the emergency equipment you need?

Forward-entry stowage compartment

You have a first-aid situation in which a passenger needs you to administer oxygen. You're at the back of the aircraft. Where on the 800E/Max8E is the best place to look for this emergency equipment?

Aft-Lavatory Bulkhead

You're at the front of the aircraft when a fire occurs on an 800/800E. You need the Halon Extinguisher to put the fire out. Which of the following is the best place to locate the Halon Extinguisher?

Forward-entry Stowage Compartment

The Captain has called the Crew together for a preflight briefing. He has made introductions, provided a weather status, and mentioned there are no delays. What other important information would you hear during the briefing? Check all that apply.

-How many segments the Pilots will be flying with this Inflight Crew.-Any special instructions or information-Mechanical or maintenance issues pertaining to the flight

What information must be on the Rev Napkin in addition to the flight number, city pairs, and FA names?

Passenger Count

You've just be notified by an Ops Agent that the min. charging requirements for the photoluminescent strips have not been met. What do you do?

Coordinate with Ground Ops. to ensure the required charge time is met prior to boarding

What do you do if you find a discrepancy in emergency equipment during your preflight equipment checks?

Notify the Captain, the "A" FA, and file an IR

A security search is required prior to boarding Passengers after an international flight has returned to the U.S. and before it is reassigned to a domestic flght.


You are the A FA and you are filling out the WN-966 form. The B FA has not confirmed that their preflight duties have been completed. What do you do?

Once the B FA has completed their preflight duties, the B FA may sign their portion of the WN-966 form.

You've just finished your preflight duties and are ready to board. What should be the first thing you check before a Passenger steps onto the aircraft?

Ensure Minimum Crew requirements are met and all FAs are in their boarding positions

You are the B FA and the boarding process is about to begin. Where are you positioned in the cabin?

Aft part of the aircraft

During Boarding, you notice that a Passenger seems to be very impatient while waiting for others to stow their luggage. What are some things to keep in mind in order to continue to provide great Hospitality? Check all that apply.

-Our legendary hospitality is what sets us apart. -We are expected to treat each customer as an individual and take their concerns to heart.-Every customer should feel welcomed, cared for, and appreciated.

A Passenger has boarded the aircraft with a small dog. You are aware from your Special Service Report that you have a pet on board and a trained service dog. How can you tell what type of animal this small dog is?

Greet the passenger, kindly inquire if the animal is a pet or a trained service dog.

All the overhead bins are full so you gate-check a bag for a Passenger. In addition to electronic cigs, PEDs, and/or spare lithium batteries or power banks, what other items do you need to verbally confirm are not in the bag? Check all the apply.

-Assistive Devices-Medication

You are the B FA and you notice there are only middle seats available. Which PA would you use in this scenario?

Full Flight

Of the following Passengers, who would not meet the selection criteria for the OWWE seating? Select all that apply.

-Passenger who is 14 years old.-Passenger with a portable oxygen concentrator.-Passenger who pre-boarded

You are the A FA and the last passenger has boarded the aircraft. What PA(s) must be completed?

All Passengers Onboard and Opening PAs.

As the A FA, what 2 things must be confirmed before closing the forward-entry door?

-The cabin has been secured.-The OWWE briefing is complete.

As the A FA, you've just received the Passenger count from the Ops Agent. What should you prepare next?

Rev Napkin

To verify the forward-entry door has been properly shut, you must ensure the door is ______, top and bottom seals appear ______, and the safety straps are ______.

Locked, flush, inside.

As the A Fa, how do you arm the forward-entry door?

Place the red strap across the window and lower the girt bar into the floor brackets

As the A FA, you've just completed arming and cross checking doors. What do you do next?

You must visually cross check the opposite door and confirm the C FA by saying "Cross Check Complete

During critical phases of flight--movement on the surface and a flight below 10,000 feet, what is in effect?

Sterile flight deck

Prior to every takeoff and landing, all FA's must ________.

Assume brace position and conduct 30-second review.

Unless otherwise directed by the Pilot(s), begin cabin service as soon as the aircraft is airborne and ______.

A safe walking attitude is reached.

Immediately before engaging in beverage preparation or ice handling you must do what?

Wash your hands.

At least _____ Crew Members must be on the Flight Deck at all times.


The FAH can be used to locate info on which of the following?

To find out if a station is provo or non provo.

It's towards the end of service and you're at almost 10,000 ft. What should you be doing?

Ensure the cabin and galleys are secure.

Prior to every takeoff and landing, all FA's must complete what two things?

Assume brace position and conduct a 30-second review

You've just arrived at the gate. As the A FA, you must complete which two tasks after the Captain turns off the fasten seatbelt sign?

Set Passenger lighting to BRT/White Medium and make the appropriate PA

What is the indication that FA's may disarm and cross check their doors?

When the seatbelt light has been turned off

You are the C FA and the A FA has to walk a UM to the concourse. What must you do while they are gone?

Remain at the forward-entry door.

The A FA has returned from walking the UM to the concourse. As the "C" FA what must you do?

Begin tidying the cabin

You are the 'B' FA and after conducting a through count you realize it does not match the Ops Agent count. What must you do?

Coordinate with the Ops Agent and conduct a recount if necessary.