Formal document that attorney for commonwealth alleges juvenile delinquent

Consent Decree

Before adjudication, after petition, DA or counsel motion to suspend proceedings, continue supervision in own home. All must agree. 6 months unless released sooner, may be extended additional 6 months

Written Allegation

Document completed by LEO- necessary to alege juvenile has committed delinquency

Delinquency Act

Crimes committed by juvenile that would be considered crimes if adults


10 years old to 20 years old, crime committed before 18 years old

Delinquent Child Needs

10 years or older, court has found in need of treatment or rehab after delinquent act

Roles Of Juvenile Court

Necessary services to juveniles in need of supervision, caregivers control.

Secure Holding Of Juvenile, Rules and Regulations

-Not before hearing or petition, unless escape or danger order-Notify children's parents-Release with promise to return to court-Written notice to parents if taken to treatment center-Not in adult facilities, unless for ID-Never more than 6 hours-Seperated from parents

When Can You Take Juveniles Into Custody?

-Pursuant to court order for welfare of child-Pursuant to laws of arrest-Illness + injury, Imminent danger: necessary-Child has run away-Probation violation


Status offense (would not be an offense if adult)

How Many Days Till sentencing Hearing After Arrest Detention?

no clue.....No later than 72 hours maybe? or 7 days or 20 days or 60 days????

Child age

under 18