Cat in the Hat Lines

Now that is a very unusual hat. I wonder what's under a hat such as that. It could be a creature they call a Ga-Zat who balances things on its head, cause it's flat. Or a stripe-loving Pipster from Upper Mount Bat. Or a sort of a kind of a hat-wearing

Cat! I can see that you've got quite a mind for your age! Why, one Think and you dragged me right onto the stage! Now that I'm here there's no telling what may ensue. With a Cat such as me and a Thinker like you!

🎵Seuss Seuss Seuss 🎵

An unusual story will now be unfurled if an elephant trying to save a small world and a boy from that world who has thinks just like you


Our story begin with a vey strange sound: the drums of a jungle beginning to pound! beat Now imagine a sky!

I'll imagine bright blue!

It's the Jungle of Nool.

🎵Who! Who-wah-dah Who! Who! Who-wah-dah-dah-dah Who! Who! Who-wah-dah Who! 🎵

Now think of an elephant lumbering through


Yes, Horton! Horton hears a who!

It's on Channel Two!

Our topic today is "Psychic Elephants Who Hear Voices." Whaddaya think, folks. Is the elephant off his trunk? We'll be right back with "speck," "clover," "dust," "neighbor," "Who"... beat nothing! Stay tuned! We'll be right back!


Then he heard it again. Calling over and over-


So he tried to think who might be down on that clover. An invisible world! Amazing but true! And guess who now enters the story?



You got me in trouble! Get out! Go away!

Alright. I'll be going. But first, let me say:

Goodnight, Horton. See you in Solla Sollew.

Wake up! The scene's over! There's more to be heard. There goes our hero. Who enters?

So she flew to the Doctor, the Doctor named Dake whose office was high in a tree by the lake. She cried, "Mister Doctor! Oh, please do you know of some kind of pill that will make my tail grow?

Tut tut, the Doctor said. Such talk! It's too absurd! Your little tail is just right for your kind of bird!

Then Gertrude had tantrums. She raised such a din that finally the Doctor just had to give in.

All right already! Bring in the Pill-berry bush!

So Gertrude is happy. Her tail's nice and long.

Kid, fasten your seat belt. 'Cause now things go wrong!

🎵Chasing The Who's!🎵x3

This is the Cat in the Hat Live from Skycam Five, Folks the Jungle of Nool is one heck of a drive. We've got Monkeys backed up to the Three-Oh-Two... I'd find alternate routes if I were you!

Horton was taken to auction...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Suessby's. Our first item up to bid this evening is lot 39, a pendulous pachyderm on egg, nest, and tree. The bidding will begin at ten thousand dollars. Do I hear ten, ten thousand? Going once, going twice... Sold... to the man with the sideburns and the greasy black moustache- oh, excuse me, Madam! Sold instead, to the man from the circus!

🎵Hey maybe you could think of something different to do?!🎵

Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen, and creatures! The smallest of the small and the tallest of the tall! Come old and young, come one and all! To the Circus McGurkus! The world's greatest show! On the face of the earth or wherever you go!

🎵Order! Order! Order! Order in the court!🎵

The defendant is charged with talking to a speck, disturbing the peace, and loitering... on an egg.

🎵we are here/boil it🎵

Now just for a moment, young JoJo looked grim. The fate of The Who's rested squarely on him! But then can a Think: A peculiar new word no ever had heard!

Me too!

Their troubles were ended. They hailed his great YOPP! And JoJo was honored as "Thinker Non-Stop.

Now all JoJo's Thinks would forever be heard.

Including this Think... An Elephant Bird!

Who believes in you.

The adventures were over. The sky became...


And then, guess what happened? We'll what do you think?!