Refers to where a place is on Earth

Absolute and relative location

What are the 2 forms of location?

Absolute location

Is a places exact position on Earth. It can be thought as a places "address" on Earth

Latitude and Longitude

Because the Earth does not have streets everywhere, geographers use two kinds of imaginary lines called lines of

Lines of Latitude

Circle Earth in an East-West direction and dentify a locations distance north or south of the equator


an imaginary line that runs around the center of the Earth, halfway between the North and South Poles at 0 degrees latitude

Lines of Longitude

run between the poles and measure a locations distance east of west of the prime meridian

Prime Meridian

an imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole of Earth at 0 degrees longitude. Together a places latitude and longitude identify its exact position on Earth

Relative Location

is less exact, it describes where it is in relation to other places, or what it is near

New Orleans

What is an example of location?