used to heat hold and mix liquids


Used to grind solids into a fine powder

mortar and pestle

used to heat small amounts of solids at high temperatures

crucible and cover

Used to evaporate liquid parts

Evaporation dish

Used to make and store solutions

Florence flask

Used to rinse lab equipment with water

Plastic wash bottle

Used to transfer small amounts of liquid

dropper pipet

Used in the transfer of materials( plastic for powders glass for liquids)


Used to support equipment.

ring stand

Used for swirling solutions and titrations

Erlenmeyer flask

Used to transfer solid powders


used to seal test tubes and flasks

rubber stopper

used to pick up a crucible

crucible tongs

Holds crucible while heating

Clay triangle

Spreads heat from under Beakers

Wire guaze

Allows hot glass to cool

Ceramic square

Used to clean break and cut glass tubing by scraping the edge

Triangle file

used as a heat source

Bunsen burner

Used to heating mixing and holding small amounts

Test tubes

Used to measure volume of large amounts precisely and should never be heated

Graduated cylinder

Transfers small amounts of liquid form one place to another

Volumetric pipet or graduated pipet

used to attach test tubes to a ring stand

Buret/ test tube clamp

Used yo pick up small pieces of solids


Piece of glass used for stirring

Stirring rod

Bottom of stirring roc

Rubber policeman

Used to transfer precise liquids in a titration


Used to measure mass

Platform triple beam