Unit 1-6 Lesson 13

When checking the tires of a truck, an off-center valve stem in a truck wheel opening is an indicator of a(n) ? .Select one:a. loose wheelb. overinflated tirec. overloaded truckd. unbalanced wheel

loose wheel

When checking the air brakes on a bucket truck, the acceptable travel for the slack adjusters is less than ? .Select one:a. 2.5"b. 3"c. 3.5"d. 4


During a pre-trip air brake inspection, it is not a good idea to drain the air tanks because it takes too long for the truck to fill them again.Select one:TrueFalse


On a truck equipped with air brakes, the pressure buildup from zero to between 85 to 100 pounds per square inch must be less than ? .Select one:a. 2 minutesb. 3 minutesc. 4 minutesd. 5 minutes

2 minutes

One way to check if a truck is holding the proper air pressure for its air brakes is to turn the engine off, apply the foot brake, and hold for ? . Pressure drop must be less than two pounds per square inch (psi).Select one:a. 1 minuteb. 2 minutesc. 3 minutesd. 4 minutes

1 minute

Do not check for hydraulic fluid when the system is under pressure, because the fluid coming from a pinhole can pierce the skin and cause serious injury.Select one:TrueFalse


A typical warm-up for a hydraulic system is to set the engine speed at 600 rpm (1,000 rpm for diesel engines), engage the hydraulic pump, and let it run for about ? .Select one:a. 3 minutesb. 7 minutesc. 10 minutesd. 20 minutes

10 minutes

High-pressure hydraulic hoses used for boom tip tools are generally orange in color and must be rated at ? .Select one:a. 1,000 psib. 5,000 psic. 10,000 psid. 25,000 psi

10,000 psi

Boom-type equipment is designed to work at a slope of ? or less.Select one:a. 3°b. 5°c. 10°d. 15°

5 degrees

When grounding a bucket truck at a work site, using the down ground on a pole is convenient, and it will carry the available fault current on the circuit.Select one:TrueFalse


When testing a bare hand bucket against an energized conductor, the leakage current should not exceed one microampere per ? of the phase-to-phase voltage of the circuit.Select one:a. 600 Vb. 1,000 Vc. 5,000 Vd. 12,500 V

1000 v

According to this lesson, there are ? types of aerial lifts in general use in the industry.Select one:a. 3b. 4c. 5d. 7


Insulated aerial devices are manufactured and tested per ANSI standard ? .Select one:a. A68.1b. A92.2c. A109.2d. A122.2


The gross vehicle weight (GVW) is equal to the truck weight plus digger derrick and body weight plus tools and cargo weight.Select one:TrueFalse


If parking on a roadway is required, park on the ? side of the road facing in the direction of traffic flow.Select one:a. downhillb. left-handc. right-handd. uphill


During a job briefing, OSHA mandates that at least ? subjects be covered.Select one:a. 3b. 4c. 5d. 7


When extending the outriggers, they should extend at least three to four inches after contacting the ground. The chassis tires should unload noticeably.Select one:TrueFalse


On an insulated aerial device, if so equipped, a DC pump is used to power the ? .Select one:a. air-brake air compressorb. bed-mounted tool circuitc. boom tip equipment circuitd. secondary stowage system

secondary stowage system

When handling material, never attach the load to the fall protection anchor point of a bucket truck.Select one:TrueFalse


The ? written approval must be obtained before making modifications to an insulated aerial device that affects operation.Select one:a. foreman'sb. manufacturer'sc. mechanic'sd. safety director's


Before traveling, check that all items are secured, bin doors are latched, outriggers are raised, and the boom is stowed and secure. Never exceed the vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating.Select one:TrueFalse


The rated load capacities and instructions related to insulated aerial device operations must remain ? .Select one:a. available to the operatorb. embossed in plasticc. in sight at all timesd. posted on the unit

posted on the unit

The purpose of the secondary stowage system on an aerial device is to allow the boom to be stowed in case the chassis engine quits.Select one:TrueFalse