Advanced Imaging Notes

What is the prosthesis planning stuff?

Plan from the prosthesis down, never from the bone up

What is implant spacing from adjacent tooth?

1.5 mm

What is the implant spacing from adjacent implant?

3.0 mm

What is the fabrication method for computer guided surgical implant guides?

3D printing

Why is 3D printing used for surgical guides?

predictability, better restorative and surgical control and easy to gain parallelism

What are the inferior alveolar canal branches?

incisive and mental

Lingual space to planned gingival margin

2 mm

Apical length to planned gingival margin

3 mm

What are the tx for TMJ disorders based on?

beliefs not scientific evidence

What are the two TMD categories?

extra articular and intra articular

What are the characteristics of extra articular TMD

NOT PRIMARY to TMJ, non invasive management

What are the characteristics of intra articular TMD?

specific TMJ pathology

How to tell if extra articular?

hand to the side of face, and biting causes pain on the same side

How to tell if intra articular

finger pointing directly to the joint, pain on the opposite side

What is the scan used for osteoarthritis or bony structure?


What is used to evaluate soft tissue and disc?


This is the panoramic image of a new 17-year-old female patient with a history of chronic bilateral temporal headaches that are unable to be controlled medically. She is otherwise healthy. On examination, her MIO = 36 mm; she has good lateral and protrusive jaw movements and no masticatory muscle pain or tenderness. What is your management plan?

advise her that TMJ have nothing to do with her headaches

What is the example for developmental TMJ pathology?

Agenesis, Congenital, developmental, condylar hyperplasia, microsomia

The CBCT image of a patient shown below demonstrates the requirement of implant at the region labeled as "Area#3". What is the proper treatment procedure?

Sinus lift, bone grafting, surgical guide, and implant placement.

Physiological calcification?

skeletal tissue, growth plate cartilage, bones and teeth

Pathological calcification?

soft tissue, articular cartilage, tissues

artery mineralization?


articular cartilage?

joint stiffness and destruction

Dystrophic calcification

precipitation of calcium salts into primary sites of chronic inflammation or dead and dying tissue

Idiopathic calcification?

deposition of calcium in normal tissues despite normal serum calcium and phosphate level

What is Eagle's syndrome?

calcified styloid process or calcified stylohyoid ligaments

What are the symptoms of Eagle syndrome?

foreign body sensation in throat on swallowing

The likely cause of vague intense pain in the neck on speaking, chewing, swallowing, turning the head, opening mouth widely and a foreign body sensation in throat on swallowing is

ossification of the stylohyoid ligament

Myositis ossificans

bone tissue forms inside muscle or other soft tissue after injury

A 22-year-old male patient reports with pain, swelling and limitation in mouth opening for 3 weeks. Gives history of multiple teeth extraction. Clinical examination revealed a hard-intra-muscular mass in medial pterygoid muscle and radiograph showed a homogenous radiopacity. What is this?

myositis ossificans

Sialolith formation location?

submandibular gland

Multiple well defined, sausage type or target like calcification superimposed at the neck of the condyle and mandibular ramus


localized change in normal bone metabolism that results in the replacement of the components of normal cancellous bone with fibrous tissue andcementum-like material,abnormal bone or a mixture of the two. more radiopaque

• Periapicalcemental dysplasia

Simple bone cyst?

Well defined radiolucency that scallop up between the tooth (like flared end of canal)

Attached cyst to CEJ?

dentigerous cyst

Crestal split technique

use osteotomes and chisels to produce greenstick fracture and expand plates

What is the use of crestal split technique?

widen alveolar ridge


non vital osseous tissue harvested from one individual to another

Allograft use?

onlay to retain bone graft

What is the tx for dense bone island that appears as radiopacity within bone?


oflntraosseouslesion steps?

localize abnormality, assess periphery shape, analyze internal structure and analyze lesion effects