psych chap 1


Neolithic man uses rocks to open skulls to release evil spirits that they believed were cause of schizophrenia

4 temperaments

internal biological fluids determine behavior Blood, Yellow or Black bile, Phlegm


brain determines behavior and if said part of ur rain is bigger your better at said things

Modern Approaches

1. Basic assumptions Key premise to each theory that can not be proven just yet2. Key research3. Origin of behavior4. Strengths and limitations

Psychoanalysis (Sigmund Freud)

all behavior has a cause that can be found in the unconscious.

Behaviorism (John Watson)

all behavior is the resort of reinforcement/ training

Biological (Charles Darwin)

all behavior is chemical first

Cognitive (Jean Piaget)

our thoughts determine our behavior, act the way we think were supposed to

Humanistic(Abraham Maslow)

we are all trying to become the best version of ourselves, only branch that believes in free will


blending together of multiple branches to explain behavior

Free will vs Determinism

(our choice VS our behavior has a cause' not fate not a choice moment by moment)

Nature vs Nurture

(how your made up biologically VS how you are raised/ life events that makes you the way you are) usually comes down to a combo of the 2


breaking behaviors down to the smallest simplest unit to make them easier to study and understand (the pro: it gets down to the scientific little bits. the problem: it become less realistic to the person)


biological personality trait and social issues contribute to personality


combines environment with thoughts (environment determines thoughts then thoughts determine behavior