Week 1 "Welcome to Louisiana Studies Weekly


An imaginary circle around the middle of the earth


half of the earth


objects, features or signs that are easy to see and recognize


the distance east to west of the equator (Equator)


the distance north to south of the equator (prime Meridian)


a drawing or picture of part of the world


small parts of the state that has its own government

political map

shows where places are, uses borders between different places; can show countries, states, counties, parishes, or townships; usually doesn't show roads

road maps

shows roads, cities, landmarks, bodies of water; helps people get to new places; includes larger roads called freeways or interstates

physical maps

shows what the land is like; rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, caves, waterfalls; usually does not have cities or roads

topographic maps

a special type of physical map that shows elevation, where land slopes up or down

resource maps

symbols to show different resources such as forests, wild life, minerals; similar to physical maps

population maps

coded to show numbers of people that live in an area

climate maps

shows what the weather is typically like in an area; shows how hot or cold, rainfall

primary sources

first hand accounts of something that has happened.

primary sources examples

interviews, newspapers, speeches, photographs, diaries, letters written by someone you are researching

secondary sources

a source written by people who were not involved in what they are writing about

historical narrative

stories about things that really happened in the past

France and Spain

Our state was settled by ____ and _____ which were both Roman Catholic countries.

parishesseparates their membership

They decided to name the parts of the state ____ similar to how the church _______


Number of parishes in Louisiana


If you look at a globe you will see lots of lines. The lines have numbers next to them to create a _____.

latitude and longitudeglobal addresses

Using the lines ____ and ____ help world travelers find _______.


The globe is divided into ___ hemispheres or quadrants

SouthernNorthernEastern Western

name of hemispheres


Our school is located in _______

Lafourche Parish

This city is in _______.


This parish is in the state of ______.