Properties of Matter


Anything that has mass and takes up space


A single type of matter that is pure. *pure-always has the same composition (make up). Ex.water+salt

physical property

Any property that is measurable. *using the 5 senses

chemical property

A property that becomes evident during of after a chemical reaction

Chemical changes

a chemical reaction reallge atoms of one or more substances to changes (only an be an reaction)


Two or more substances that are mixed together but not chemically combined. *2 types: Homogeneous- are a mixture where the substances are of the same of matter, or is dissolved in one another. Heterogeneous- the substances are not the same substances of matter ( easier to separated)

phyiscal changes

Affects the form of a chemical substance but does not change the chemical properties


the amount of matter in an object


The amount of space an object takes up


How compact the particles are with an object


•M/D=V. Volume is measured in cm3 •M/V=D. D. *Density is measured in 1g/cm3 •DxV=M. *Mass is measured in grams