mark kilmek nclex review

if pH over 7.45

ALKALOSIS -everything up -tachycardia, HTN, seizure, irrability, diarrhea, hyperreflexia, HYPOkalemia

intervention for pH over 7.45

suction patient because risk of seizure

if pH goes below 7.35

ACIDOSIS -everything goes down -bradycardia, constipation, obtunded, lethargic, low bp, hyporeflexia, HYPERkalemia

intervention for pH over 7.35

ventilate patient with ambu bag respiratory arrest

pick metabolic alkalosis

if the patiebnt has prolonged gastric emptying or suction

ventilator high pressure alarms causes

-kinks in tubing -condensed water in dependent tube-mucus plugs

ventilator low pressure alarms causes

-main tubing disconnection-02 sensor tube disconnection

alcoholism number one problem


how to treat/respond to denial?

- confront by pointing out the difference of what they say and do -start with "i" statements

when denial is okay

DABDA -denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance

alcoholism second problem

codependency vs dependency

dependency definition

when they get the s/o to do things or make decisions for them

co dependency definition

when the significant other derive self esteem for doing things or making decisions for the abuser

manipulation definition

when the abuser gets the s/o to do things or make decisions that are not in the best interests of the s/o

how to deal with a manipulative person

set limits and enforce them

wernicke korsakoff syndrome

wernicke = encephalopathykorsakoff = psychosis

wernicke and korsafoff

-psychossis induced by vitamin b1, thiamine deficiency -pt looses touch with reality -primary s and s = amnesia and confabulation


memory loss


making up stories

how to deal with a patient with wernicke and korasfoff

redirect the patient to something he/she can do


alcohol deterrent


antidote for antabuse

onset and duration of antabuse

takes two weeks to work

patient teaching for antabuse

-avoid all forms of ETOH (not doing so will lead n/v)-avoid all items containing alcohol