Geography Chapter 1 test

relative location

The position of one place in reference to the positions/locations of other places

Spatial Perspective

how places, people, or objects are related to one another across the surface of the Earth

great circle route

line describing the shortest route between points following Earth's curvature

to link images and data from satellites and other sources

What is the key function of geographic information systems?


Different maps can accurately show the same place with different

map projection

a mathematically-derived portrayal of the round globe on a flat surface

Functional region

a central point or location and the surrounding areas that are somehow connected to it

cylindrical projection

portrayal of Earth that accurately represents true direction but distorts shapes anddistances away from the Equator

Formal region

a place associated with a specific trait or product


Though modern geographers use information from economics, sociology, history, andmany other school subjects, before modern computers, geographers most heavily reliedon skills in

Absolute location

a specific spot or position on Earth's surface

Longitude lines indicate

distances east and west of the Prime Meridian.

The relationship between physical environments and people

What does human geography examine?

True direction, which is useful for ocean navigation

A Mercator Projection Map has the benefit of showing

Direct observation and measurement, mapping, Interviewing, and statistics

4 geographic research methods


A specific Physical setting/location

Relief map

Which type of map would be best for a person traveling on a mountain trail on foot?

Human Environment Interaction

How humans use, change, or live with their environment

migration, immigration, trade, Spread of religion/ideas

Provide 4 examples of movement

Physical Systems

physical features such as landforms, weather, climate, or vegetation and how they interact with plant & animal life


explains the various symbols used on the map

compass rose

indicates direction on a map


aids the map reader in determining distance between locations

Prime Meridian

Splits the earth into eastern and Western Hemisphere

1. The world in Spatial terms2. places and regions3. Physical Systems4. Humon Systems5. Environment and Society6. The uses of geography

Six element of geography include