Testing and Remediation/ Nursing Act


Which of the following parts of an item given to an option that is incorrect ?

highlighting key words while studying

Astudent is actively reading the assigned pages from his textbook. Which of the following actions by the student is consisted with active reading ?

sitting on the front row of the class; making a notation about content that was emphasized by the lecturer; asking the lecturer questions about content in the assigned reading

A student is actively participating in a nursing lecturer. Which of the following actions by the student would be consistent with actively participating in lecture ?

Course tests are based on a nationally developed test plan

A student is discussing with a classmate the differences between course exams and standardized exams. Which of the following statements by the student would indicate the student is unfamiliar with their differences ?

Which of the following actions should the nurse take first to prevent injury

Which of the following is an example of a priority setting question ?


When coding the options of a multiple choice item, which of the following symbols should be place next to an option that is possible correct ?


A student is preparing to enter his answer to a fill-in-the-blank calculation item. The answer is to be recorded to one decimal place and the unit of measure is provided. Which of the following would be appropriate way to enter half of a millimeter as the answer ?

Drag and drop each option from the left box into the right box; use the arrow button to reorder the options in the order list box; mentally visualize the procedure before answering the item

A student is preparing to answer an ordered response item on a computer based exam regarding the order in which a procedure should be performed. Which of the following actions would be appropriate to use on this type of item ?

it will be on the left side of the image

A student is preparing to answer a hot spot item that asks the students to click on the location of a client's appendix. Which of the following is a correct statement regarding identification of the location of the appendix on a image of a client ?

the student will be restricted from moving to the next item

A student has answered an item that has an audio clip without listening to the clip. Which of the following will occur when the student tries to move on to the next item ?

must make a reasonable effort to obtain orientation/training for competency

When a nurse comes into contact with new equipment, new technology, or is unfamiliar with care situation the nurse...

obtaining blood pressure; obtaining a blood sugar measurement by way of capillary blood test; care of a patients personal hygiene and elimination

Of all the tasks listed, which ones may be delegated and which ones may not be delegated to other professionals ?


The nurse can leave his/her assignment at any time without notifying a supervisor

inability to practice nursing with reasonable skill and safety by reason of illness, use of alcohol, drugs, chemicals,or any other mood altering substances; improper management of client records; accepting an assignment you know is unsafe

The following situations are considered "unprofessional conduct" according tot he nurse practice act


A nurse (including faculty) must report tot he proper authorities any nursing student who is suspected of performing nursing practice that he/she suspects to be impaired by chemical dependency.


While interacting with the public in a nursing role, each licensed nurse must clearly wear legible insignia displaying the nurse's name, title, picture


safe harbor is a process that protects a nurse from employer retaliation and licensure when a nurse makes a good faith request for peer of an assignment or conduct the nurse is requested to perform and that the nurse believes could result in a violation of the NPA or Board rules


All licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) are competent to administer intravenous therapy to patients in long term care facilities

Texas Board of Nursing

_______ is responsible for regulating the practice of nursing within the state of texas for vocational nurses, registered nurses, and registered nurses with advanced practice authorization.

on the date of receipt of a permanent license; upon notifications from the board of nursing that the NCLEX exam was failed

When a student graduates from TTUHSC School of Nursing and meets eligibility criteria for licensure, he/she will qualify to take the board exam and receive a temporary permit to practice nursing in the state of texas. The temporary permit will expire