2LM check ride

How many reset of tripped circuit breaker are allowed?


Who do you notify after resetting tripped circuit breaker?

Flight deck

How many PBE's are there on the aircraft and what are their locations?

5; flight deck, forward galley, bin 20, 2 in closer between lavatories

How many first aid kits are in the aircraft? Location?

3; forward galley; 2 in bin 20

How many fire extinguishers? Location?

6; flight deck, 2 in forward galley, one in bin 20; two in closet between lavatories

What's lost in combi mode?

One o2 bottle and megaphone

How many oxygen system are installed?

3 independent systems, one chemical and 2 gaseous

How many modes of operation for oxygen are there?

3: pax, combi, cargo

Where is the pax oxygen switch located? The mode selector switch?

Overhead panel on flight deck; E&E bay

Where is the manual o2 shut off valve located?

Aft cargo bay

How many mins does the chemical o2 supply for?

12mins cannot be shutoff

What are the 2 ways o2 system is activated?

Cabin pressure reaches 14,650ft, pax o2 switch if turned ON

How many cylinders of gaseous o2 are there?

2 after cargo compartment (behind U) 1 forward of O

What is a FCU?

Functional control unit, helps regulate the flow of O2 from cylinders when o2 is activated

How many o2 bottles in pax mode?

8; forward galley, wall partition, under load seat, bin 12, 2 in bin 20, one on each side in 21

How many cubic feet in o2 bottles?

11 cubic ft

How many mins of o2 does PBE provide?


How many flashlights?

6; 2 flight deck, 2 above load seat, one above each 2lm seat; precheck the flashing light should not exceed 15secs

Liferafts can contain how many people? Overflow?

56; 84

What are the frequencies of ELT?

Civil 121.5; military 243; SAR 406.02850hours and 24 hours

4 positions on ELT switch?

XMT; off; arm; test

How many survival radios?

5; 2 in flight deck and 3 in bin 20 121.5; 243; 282.8; 406.0235

What pub can you look in for hazmat spill?

Navsup 505

What does AAU stand for?

Audio accessory card


Crew alerted PBE donned and activatedAssist the passengers/combat the fire as directed


Notify flight deckRequest smoke evac proceduresRelocate pax away from smokeAdminister 100% o2 to those have difficulties Breathe through wet handkerchiefs

Door warning light entry door

Attempt to close, if not normal land at nearest airport

Door warning light over wing

Do not attempt to close, if not normal land at nearest airport

Cargo door warning light

Not normal perform rapid decompression


Crew members secured in any available seat Oxygen mask ON Passengers assist as necessary


Direct the passengers to assume the brave position Brace position assumed Evacuate the aircraft when the aircraft comes to a complete stop unless ordered otherwise

What does the 2lm take in ditch? Pax

ELT/survival radios, flashlight, first aid kit, megaphone, other equipment

2lm take in combi?

Flashlight, first aid kit, megaphone, other equipment


Crew alertedProtective equipment/oxygen donnedNeutralize, clean spill, reseat pax as necessary

Engine type

CrM 56-7 turbofan

Taxi weight


Takeoff weight


Max landing weight



3,000 nautical miles


340 knots

Operating altitude


Where is APU

Tail of airplane

What does apu do on ground

Provides electrical power and bleed air to operate systems if ground services are t available. Can operate up to 17,000 ft

What's our electrical power

115 AC/ 28 DC

Temperature controlled from flight deck

Separately for flight deck and pax cabin

Cabin lighting

Rows 1-9 and 10-21

How are the emergency lights activated

Loss of all electrical power, placing switch to on

How many lights are installed on side of fuselage to illuminate over wing escape route

2 (8 emergency lights ext total)

Attendant to attendant

Pink: HI LO chime

Pax call button

Blue HI chime

Lavatory light

Amber HI chime

How many O2 masks are in lavatory?


How many gallons is the potable water tank


How is water pressurized?

Air from electrically driven air compressor, when not available it will be provided from bleed air system

Water heater temps

Low 105F; med 115F; high 125F

Water supply selector valve positions

Off, supply on, faucet only, toilet only

Is water available during servicing


Drain valve

In forward lav only; in open position allows water to drain

Where does water from sinks go

Heater drain masts overboard

Lavatory system flushing

Below 16,000ft uses vacuum to collect; above 16,000ft uses pressure difference

How many seconds is flush cycle

7 secs, there is a 15 sec delay between flushes

How many sensors in waste system?

2; both must signal full it is full before flushing is deactivated

Lav INOP light

Lavatory toilets will be inop


will illuminate if a sensor fails or is fouled indicating system maintenance is required, but waste system is still operational

Lav fire extinguishing

Halon bottle under sink with 2 heat activated nozzles

Temp indicator in lavatory


Smoke detector light

Green-unit operating in corner, silence button in middle, red-detects smoke alarm indicator self test is next to the silence button

Door types

Inward outward plug type doors

How many viewing windows are there for cargo door?

8 yellow arrow aligned with yellow rectangle t

How is cargo door powered

Hydraulic system A

Overwing emergency exit door types

Type III canopy type exits, locked with 28volt DC

Where are escape straps installed

Forward corner of the door frame

Flight deck number 2 windows

Can be opened in flight or on ground

How long does inflation is slide take

5 seconds

How many lights installed on slide

6 at base of slide

What do you do if slide doesn't automatically inflate

Use manual handle; if it does not inflate it is unusable; if inflated slide deflates can be used as apron slide

How long are slides?


Halon fire extinguisher

6-10ft away

Survival radio

121.5; 243, 282.8, 406.0235

Ditching primary exits pax

Forward passenger entrance/service and overwing exits

Ditching primary exits combi

Overwing exits

First aid

Use common sense & remain calm


Direct pressure, pressure points, tourniquet, elevation


Anxiety/ weak rapid pulse/cold clammy, sweatingGive o2 as needed, control bleeding, elevate extremities

Duty day: showtime 0700-1459

15 hours extend to 17

Showtime 1500-0659

13 hours extend to 15

What are dv lifts

Congressional delegates: max 16 hr day (can extend 18hr with 2 legs)

turnaround time

1 hour

Crew members resting

2 flight deck members at all times/ adequate number awake for care of pax

Crew rest to detachment

Commercial- 36hours VR- 18hours

RON ground time

Conus/detachment-15hrOconus- 17hrsTAC may elect to reduce to 12 hrs

alcohol consumption

Refrain 12 hrs prior to next scheduled duty

Aircrew currency

One evolution within 60 days; regain currency by recurrent flight (qualified aircrew member) or natops eval Greater than 180 days= natops Eval

How long do you retain LFRs and flight advisories

2 years

Test scores

Closed 3.3 Open/sop 3.5Completed no earlier than 60 days prior

Retaining STAN board minutes

3 years

Egress training

Natops instructor may conduct annual


Reference DoD foreign clearance guide

Who is responsible for border clearance



Heat protective gloves Boot cuttersDiapers (soaks spills)

Load bag

Flight advisoryPax/cargo manifest LFR Wt/balance form (form f) VIP pax cardBasic wt chart ECargo loading manual Custom forms

Passenger handling

Primary duty: care and comfort of paxMinimum check once an hour


O6 and above, board last depart first, announcement to other pax to extend courtesies

Civilian attire

Not torn, dirt, or displaying inappropriate material, no open toed shoes


Not required. Shall be placed in window seat.

Open crew seat for pax or ACM

Must be briefed on door function and oxygen location

Fueling with pax onboard

Exits accessible and stairs lowered Engines off Fire bottle or truck at aircraft One qualified crew member aboard

Lighting on night flights

Lights should be dimmed to lowest setting

Alcohol aboard FLSW a/c

Prohibited exception of DV lifts

Loading platforms

K loaderSlave palletsBall transfer/roller sleeves Bare forks

Classified material

No interim stopsTAC signs for material Courier providers TAC with designation and points of contact

Registered mail

LM/2LM signs. Maintain unbroken chain of receipts at all times, deliver to competent authority. Assume mail is SECRET

Departure email

When a/c departs home ops sends email to all lift POCs and NALO dept, ops dept, and cell assigned to a/cStatus updates shall be sent at every stop


Laterally avoid by 20nm. Clear tips by 1000ft for every 10knots of wind. Flight under should not be attempted. Takeoffs/landing should not be attempted

Min planned fuel on deck

5000 lbs

Children on stairs

Requires 2 crew members one positioned at top of aft stairs and one at bottom, parent will hold children's hand with no baggage. They shall be briefed prior regarding gap and remain seated when disembarking a/c


Situational awareness AssertivenessDecision makingCommunication Leadership Adaptability/flexibility Mission analysis

Threat and error program

Threats- beyond influence of aircrew (weather, a/c malfunctions, short turn around times, equip malfunction) Error- aircrew actions or inactions, deviation from expectation When not identified will result in mishap. CRM manages threat and error You have threats build up, errors result, either use CRM to mitigate risk or mishap is likely

CRM program instruction



May result in death, injury, loss of A/c


Result in damage to equip


Must be emphasized









Three two tones chimes from cockpit


Voice PA/4 two toned chimes

Brace for landing

Passenger call button

One high chime

Transiting combi section with hazmat in flight

Notify flight deck prior to entry and when transit is completed

LM combi check

> exceeds one min investigate and notify flight deck

Passenger seating

121 all pax config68 pax in combi

Emergency interior lights minimum

White lead to red. 50% of white can be out but not consecutive. 50% of red can be out

Do not operate cargo door or air stairs in excess of what

40knots of wind

Forward air stair normal vs standby

Normal requires both ac and dc and standby requires dc

Hydraulic power will power after status through what %


How many life rafts in pax

X3- 56man life rafts

How many life rafts in combi

X2 56 man and x2 4man (overflow of 6)

How many and where are the ELTs

3; one flight deck, one bin 12; one internal status with plane

What is in bin 12

Survival radios x3, ELT, O2 cylinder

What is in bin 20

X2 first aid kits, halon ext, x2 o2 bottles, megaphone, PBE

What is a caution when using PBE

Oxygen generator becomes hot

What is in first aid kit

Gauze TapeScissors Splint BandagesAntiseptic swabs Burn ointment Ammonia Inhalant

Flashlight pre op

Flashes every 3-4 secs but should be replaced if exceeds 15secs

What is in life rafts

Canopy/rods FlaresFirst aid kitRaft repairSurvival manualFood/h2o ratios SpongeCompassBible

ELT operation

Deploy in water, led light should flash within 10secs, 5 mins antenna will deploy

Pre op mega phone

Hold handle and clicking sound, green light flashes when handle is squeezed

What is most effective for lithium bat tree ru thermal runaway


Handset faliure

Use AAU and press flight deck call button x4

What does easy victor three times mean

Initiate evacuation

Short ditching brief

Grab life vests, put on DO NOT INFLATE; Watch crewmen's demonstrate brace position, take out sharp objects keep seat belt tightBrief helpers if time allows

Where to place life east for children

Place strap between legs/over one shoulder