history unit 1

the 5 Themes of Geography:

Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, Region

4 geographic regions

Delta, Hills, Piney Woods, Gulf Coast

relative location

describes a place in comparison to other places around it

the four states that boarder Mississippi are :

alabama,tennessee, Arkansan, lousinna

Mississippi is ______________miles long, (north to South) it is ______miles wide. (east to west)

350 miles long 180 miles wide

absolution location

describes the exact. position on the earth

location facts:______________________square miles in size Mississippi is ______ in size among the other states

48,434 square miles 32 in size

the climate of Mississippi is humid __________________


the average rainfall in Mississippi is _____ inches a year


natural hazards

tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes , floods, short droughts

the Mississippi River is the ___________boundary of the state. the river is navigable and is the _____________river in the United States. in Mississippi you can cross the river in 4 places: ____________________,__________________,_______________,__________________,

western boundary largest river Clarkdale, greenville , Vicksburg, Natchez

rivers systems of Mississippi: ____ major and ______minor.the largest of the major are:_________________,________________,_______________,_________________,________________

9 major and 2 minoryazoo river tombigbee river Pascagoula river big black river pearl river

Mississippi is in the __________________ _______________ _____________region of the United States

gulf coastal plain

the highest point in Mississippi is ________________mountain. _______feet above sea level.

Woodall mountain. 806 feet

topography -rolling ________________with some __________areas

hills with some flat

soil is composed of : ___________,______________,____________, plant _____________, and very small__________

air, water,minerals, plant particals , very small animals

Mississippi has 4 general soil regions:hills (loams ,_______,and ___________)alluvial plain (silt and_______loams)loses hills ______________prairie

clay and sandsilt and clay black prairie

Mississippi energy and mineral resources:_________________gas ___________or deposits limestone and ________________gravel and _______________________________deposits

natural gas iron or deposits limestone and clay gravel and sand coil deposits

Biota- describes the __________and ___________of a region.

floral and fauna

flora-refers to the natural _________________of the land.______________percent of MS is forrested.the State tree is the ____________________________.the most common trees are:________________,______________,and _______________.the ___________tree provides the main raw material for Mississippi's ______________industry. _____________,_____________,_____________can affect the Flora.

vegation of the land 55%is the magnolia tree oak, hickory, pine pine and lumber industry climate and temperature and rainfall

fauna -refers to the ________life of an area Mississippi game animals:___________________,____________________,_________________,and ______________________.commercial fishing: _________________,_________________,and ____________________

animal whitetail , turkey,squirrel, and rabbit catfish shrimp and oysters

Ecosystem- a group of organisms and their _______________________that function __________________as an ecological unit.

environment that function together

types of ecosystems A.agriculture-B.aquatic-C.terrestrial-

a. federal fields and plains b. saltwater and fresh water marine like c. land , plants, and animals

Mississippi has ______ major economies and ______ ones.a. coastal ______________________b. _________ coastal plain c. loess/___________hills d. alluvial __________

4 major 21 minor coastal meadows hilly coastal plain loess/bluff hills alluvial plain

ecoregions-geographic areas on _________surface where organism interact with their ___________________and function similarly.

earth's surface environment

major crop in Mississippi :a. b.c.d.ef

cotton soy beans rice wheat cornpeanuts