Bible lesson 4

Proverbs 4:7

Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore gets wisdom : and with all thy getting get understanding

Philosophy definition

Love of wisdom or knowledge or deterines what one does and how one behaves

Gnosticisim definition

Jesus is neither man nor god

5 characteristics of gnosticism

1) vein philosophy based on mans reasoning powers and tradition2) deceptive3) his followers practice voluntary humanility 4) they worship angels5) vein outward show man enjoys everything that draws attention to himself

Voluntary humility

Outward action in a vein attemot to impress others

Examples of voluntary humility

Cults sacrifice there followersSatanismPeople who wearthings naming and stating that they are christiansSacrafice themselvesInflict pain upon themselves

Key words

Gnosis- knowledgeEpignosis- fullness of knowledge

True christianity 4

Fullness of knowledge is christ Fullness of knowledge is not human wisdomFullness of knowledge is not merely intelligenceFullness of knowledge cannot obtain through human effort

Wisdom is personified... a person

Prov 8 - more than an attribute- a person'John 1:1 - jesus is with god= face to facePs 16:3 - jesus( a person) delights in his child