4.4 Identify concepts and procedures related to project change management

Change Request

A formal proposal to modify any document, deliverable, or baseline.

Approved Change Request

A change request that has been processed through the integrated change control process and approved.

Project Communications

Information shared with the project stakeholders, which include team members, internal and external individuals such as customers and suppliers; includes performance reports, deliverable status, and other information generated by the project

Change Control Board (CCB)

A formally chartered group responsible for reviewing, evaluating, approving, delaying, or rejecting changes to the project, and for recording and communicating such decisions.

Data Analysis

The process of compiling, analyzing, and interpreting the results of primary and secondary data collection.

Integrated change control

-Identifying, evaluating, and managing changes throughout the project life cycle.-A process that influences the factors that cause change, determines that a change is needed or has happened, and manages and monitors change.-All other change control processes are integrated with this process.