Chem 2 Distillation test SG


based on differences in boiling points

The closer the boiling points of the components of a liquid mixture

The harder it is to get a good separation. Fractional distillation may need to be employed

The components of a mixture boil off from

Lowest boiling point to highest BP

Change the container catching the distillate when

the BP on the thermometer rises to a new level

Always point the sidearm

Up when filling a distilling glass

The head of the thermometer should be inserted

Into the distilling flask to the level of the sidearm

Attach the lowest hose of the condensing tube to

The water source,

Attach the second hose in

The sink

Turn the water on

Gradually to test for leaks and to prevent popping off hoses due to pressure

If more than a gentle wisp of steam exits the condensing tub

Turn up the water and/or turn down the heat

Flammable liquids should never be distilled with

Open flames

Never heat your mixture to

Dryness, It will be difficult to clean the distilling flask

The distilled water generated cannot be ___________ unless the glassware has been ______________ before the distillation process

Ingested, cleaned