Advanced World History Quiz 08/19/22


Study of physical features and how places and people interact.


Study of human history and prehistory through physical evidence and evacuation sites.


Study of human societies and cultures and their development.

Primary sources

Original documents created or experiences with the event being researched.

Secondary sources

Refer to review or critique. Including books, Journal articles, speeches, etcetera.


Examining to see if two topics are similar or different.


The act of causing something. Usually there is an effect

Long term effects

effects that appear after years, decades, or generations

Short term effects

Effects of radiation that appear within minutes, days, or weeks; associated with large amounts of radiation absorbed in a short time.

Trigger event

something that causes an event to occur.

Examples of causes (WHY) and consequences (WHAT HAPPENED)

1.)CO- Frank hates camels. CA- got kicked by camel in childhood.2.)CO- Union fizzled out. CA- Camels are selfish. 3.)CO- Alphonse died. CA- Back collapsed.

What are the different schools of study in the social sciences?

Geography, Archaeology, Anthropology, and History.

ANTHROPOLOGY is split up into which two parts?

1.) Chimps/apes/monkeys, neanderthals (think cavemen), homo sapiens.2.) study of cultures.

Anthropology definition #2

study human culture, physical traits, language, and prehistory.

Why study history?

Helps us understand and observe how society and people behaved and let us learn from past events.

Why study geography?

Helps us explore and recognize places and the differences between cultures, landscapes, Etc.

Why study anthropology?

Helps us understand human development, culture, and change, past and present.

Why study archaeology?

Helps us understand how and where people lived on earth, past.

tools needed for Geographers

Maps, Globes, data about spatial distribution.

tools needed for archaeologist

Shovels, brush, microscope, lab, books.

tools needed for anthropologist

Books, artifacts, Ways for transportation, research tools, shovel.

tools needed for historians

Primary and secondary sources, artifacts, interviews.

Geography profession/expert


Archaeology profession/expert


Anthropology profession/expert


History profession/expert


Example of long term effects

Camels are selfish creatures, had severe back problems.

Example of short term effects

The union soon fizzled out, form a union, piled and piled and piled up the goods.

example of a trigger event

Frank decided to add a bedraggled straw he had been chewing to Alphonse's load. (Triggers Alphonse to die)