Summer Reading Quizlet 2022

If space and "time" can spontaneously come into existence can this also mean space existed could have existed before hand?


What did we observe to find out the universe was inflating in all directions?

The cosmic microwave background.

Who was the second person who got a gold medal from the Royal Astronomical Society?

Vera Rubin

Who was the author of A Universe From Nothing and what was his profession?

1) Lawrence M. Krauss2) cosmologist

Vacuum of space

a void of space only filled with virtual particles popping into and out of existence

What did Hubble discover in the 1920s?

red shift in spectra of galaxies

What was Hubble's past major before Astronomy?


What is Hubble's Law?

The faster a galaxy is moving, the farther away it is.

What is Hubble's constant?

the current expansion rate of our universe at

What did Vera Rubin discover?

the discrepancy between the predicted and observed angular motion of galaxies by studying galactic rotation curves.