Chapter One Information

Scientific Method Steps

Question, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analyze the Data, Conclusion

control group

the group that does not receive the experimental treatment.

experimental group

In an experiment, the group that is exposed to the treatment, that is, to one version of the independent variable.

independent variable

variable that is manipulated

dependent variable

The outcome factor; the variable that may change in response to manipulations of the independent variable.


A hypothesis that has been tested with a significant amount of data


always true, describes behavior

metric unit system

Unit of measurement based on the power of 10 and used all over the world

What is the metric unit system in order from left to right?

kilo, hecto, deka, UNIT (meter, gram, liter), deci, centi, milli

What is time's unit and symbol?

second (s)

what is masses unit and symbol?

kilogram (kg)

What is lengths unit and symbol?

meter (m)

What is volumes unit and symbol?

liter (l)

What is Density's unit, symbol, and formula?

kilogram per liter (Kg/L), Density = mass/ volume

What is weights unit, symbol, and fraction?

Newton (N), Force= mass x accelerator

What is absolute zero in Celsius, kelvin, and Fahrenheit?

C= -273 K= 0 F= -459

What is Freezing temp of water in Celsius, kelvin, Fahrenheit?

C= 0 K= 273 F= 32

What is room temperature of Celsius, kelvin, Fahrenheit?

C= 21 K= 294 F= 70

What is the human body temp in Celsius, kelvin, Fahrenheit?

C= 37 K= 310 F= 98.6

What is the Boiling water temp in Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit?

C= 100 K= 373 F= 212

What is the metric prefix of=kilo=hecto=deci=centi=deka=milli=

10 to the power of 310 to the power of 210 to the power of -110 to the power of -210 to the power of 110 to the power of -3

944.8 kiloliters= ___________ millimeters


98.65 liters= __________ kilometers


____________ grams = 2.87 kilograms


____________ hectometers = 176.8 dekameters


What is the order of magnitude on=gigamegamicronano

10 to the power of 910 to the power of 610 to the power of -610 to the power of -9