What is biology?

The study of organisms/living things

What does Biology mean?

The study of life

Orderly structure are made of...


What is reproduction?

offspring similar to parents

what do living things do?

grow and develop

adjust to changes in the environment


what 3 things have some characteristics of life but are NOT organisms?

fire, crystals, and viruses

what does biotic mean?

living things

what does stimulus mean?

something in the environment that causes the organism to react

what does response mean?

reaction of the organism to a stimulus; it could be chemical, metabolic, behavioral, all of above

what is evolution?

gradual change in the characteristics of a population over time; eventually results in new species

What is the scientific method?

a step wise process for increasing our knowledge of how the universe works

What are the steps of the scientific method?

1. state a question 2. conduct background research 3. Construct hypothesis 4. plan and carry out experiments 5. obtain and analyze data 6. draw conclusions from data

what is a hypothesis?

a proposed answer to a question having to do with how the universe works

what is an independent variable?

the variable that you are testing

what is the dependent variable?

the variable that you are measuring

what is the control group?

The group that does not receive the experimental treatment in an experiment.

what is an observation?

information you obtain with your senses

What is a scientific theory?

a well tested explanation for a set of observations or experimental results

what is a scientific law?

a statement that describes a pattern or observations in the universe

what is Qualitative data

any scientific information that is purely observational (no numbers)

what is quantitative data?

data that comes from counts or measurements (always has a number)

why should you include multiple trails in an experiment?

To reduce error

What are the basic units for volume, length, and mass

L, M, G

An example of quantitive data

any kind measurement involving numbers

What does it mean to adapt?

to change your ways of living so you can survive in a change environment.

What variable goes on the x-axis?

independent variable

What variable goes on the y-axis?

dependent variable

What type of graph would you use if you have data involving percentages?

Pie chart

What type of graph would you use if you want to show specific values or show trends in data?

Line graph

What type of graph would you use if you are making comparisons between different variables so its easy to see?

Bar graphs

what are the basic units for the metric system

1) Length: Meter2) Volume: Liter3) Mass: Gram

What are the characteristics of a living thing?

1) orderly structure made of cells 2) Reproduction 3) Grow and Develop 4) Adjusting to things in the environment

If you have categories use...

bar graph

Independent variables is what?


Dependent variable is what?

YOU ARE MEASURING #s of blah blah blah