Soil Investigation

What is vibro replacement

Creating a borehole like structure before Inserting and compacting coarse material to form stone columns.

What equipment would carry out vibro replacement?

a crane mounted hydraulic vibrator

What is the main benefit of vibro replacement

Strengths ground and Increases the bearing capacity.**Not a replacement for piling

what is vibro compaction

Applied to non cohesive subsoils to rearrange and compact into a denser condition.

describe the process of vibro compaction

1. Vibrating poker penetrates ground 2. subsoil is compacted using water pressure until plant limit or load bearing depth is met3. Poker is retracted whilst introducing additional aggregates 4. Poker compacts material further before retracting again5. process repeated up to surface leaving compacted column underneath

what is dynamic compaction

Compacting granular soil using a crane mounted weight dropped at significant height Vibration and nearby services to be considered before use.

what is granular soil ?

gravel, sand or silt with little to no clay content

what is jet grouting?

1. A probe is lowered into pre formed boreholes2. The probe releases water at high pressure compacting and expanding the walls of the borehole3. Cement introduced into the void 4. Sludge created is forced to the surface