scene 1

are you both alright? its alright now. its alright. its alright now

oh my god

its alright now

oh my god

she was right behind us I thought. did you see her

oh my god

my ears are ringing. are anyone else's ears ringing?

im not sure how long we will be down here

biscuits. they're bit crushed. kept some in tissue, so want one?

where did you get biscuits from? no thanks. maybe save them for later if we are here a while

he said he's not sure if our house will still be there. I think it was a joke

not a very funny one

I asked him if he wanted a biscuit

he's not the warden then?

he said something about it being dark. I hope he's ok

dark? where's he bleedin been? on his jollydays? its bleedin well dark everywhere! has he heard of a blackout?

I know

and have you heard of rationing? where did you get those anyway

ill take one of those

oh my god! where did you come from? you can't go sneaking up on people

erm oi they were to share

he's swiped the bleedin lot

erm oi

you won't make friends that way mate

I might be

and if you're not, how old are you? why aren't you out there fighting? or that other fella over there!