CPE transformation unit 9b

who that car belongs to

Can you tell me who the owner of that car is, please? BELONGSCan you tell me _________________, please?

is the town (which/ that) Thomas Hardy was born

This is Thomas Hardy's birthplace. TOWNThis _____________________________ in.

donated a large amount of money to charity

It was generous of her to donate so much money to charity. AMOUNTShe ___________________ which was generous of her.

which/that was awarded first prize at Crufts

This is the dog which won first prize at Crufts last week. AWARDEDThis is the dog _______________________ last week.

was very kind of him to recommend me

He recommended me for the position, which was very nice of him. KINDIt ______________________ for the position.

will take longer than originally planned, which is

It's unfortunate that the construction of the building will not be finished as originally planned. LONGERThe construction of the building ________________________________ unfortunate.

refused to accept my apologies, which was childish

It was childish of him not to accept my apologies. REFUSEDHe _________________________________ of him.

is the city where(/ in which) he was born

He was born in London fifty years ago. CITYLondon _________________________________________ fifty years ago.

of which only one (only one of which) was accepted by

The newspaper editor only accepted one of the ten articles I wrote. BYI wrote ten articles, _______________________ the newspaper editor.

whom I have a lot of (great) admiration

The writer I really admire won the Nobel Prize for Literature. ADMIRATIONThe writer for ___________________________ won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

intense was the hatred for

The staff hated the manager's new policies intensely and so went on strike. HATREDSo ____________________________the manager's new policies that the staff went on strike.

passed away during the

My grandfather died in the early hours.PASSEDMy grandfather _______________________ night

Football team has been unbeatable

That football team has won every match this season.UNBEATABLEThat_______________________ this season.

Is rare for them not to stay up

They seldom stay up late.RAREIt _______________________ late.

Short of money Simon is he always buys

Even though Simon rarely has a lot of money, he always buys his mum a birthday present.SHORTHowever _______________________ his mum a birthday present.

Make another attempt to reach the summit

The climbers will try to reach the summit again in the morning.ANOTHERThe climbers will _______________________ in the morning.