Some words


to be withoutE. g. I _____ a discipline

generally speaking

overallE. g. ______________ ____________, it's just the tip of the iceberg


the size or extent of something, especially when compared with something elseE. g. Most people can't imagine the ______ of the problem


unable to be enduredE. g. Her behaviour has become ____________


to put up with. to experience and deal with something that is painful or unpleasant without giving upE. g. They had to _______ a long wait before the case came to trial.

put up with

to suffer or tolerate (a difficult situation or person) without complaining.


a disease, pain, sad feelings, a lack of something, etc.E. g.I hate to see animals _______ing.

the point

the bottom line


too painful, annoying or unpleasant to deal with or acceptE. g. _____________ pain


so bad that you think it should not be allowedE. g.Such behaviour is totally _____________ in a civilized society.


deeply and intenselyE. g. We are _____________ affected by what happens to us in childhoodShe was _____________ shaken by the news

get kick out of

to enjoyI ____ really _____ ____ ___ learning English

thoroughly enjoy

to really enjoyE. g. I _______________ _________ learning English

as well

also, too


a chance to do somethingE. g. Don't miss this ______________


to take somebody/something in your hand suddenly and using forceE. g. She tried to ______ the gun from him


a strong wish to have or do somethingE. g.He now had enough money to satisfy all his ________s

satisfy (not used in the progressive tenses)

to make somebody pleased by doing or giving them what they wantE. g.Nothing ________ him—he's always complaining


to suggest a plan, an idea, etc. for people to think about and decide onE. g. The government ________ed changes to the voting system


to put forward an idea or a plan for other people to think aboutE. g.I'd like to ________ a different explanation for the company's decline


decrease; to become smaller, fewer, weaker, etc.E. g. Sales of whole milk ________ed by 4 per cent


blame for, make a claim of wrongdoing or misbehavior againstE. g. She _______ed him of lying


completely flat and even, without any rough areas or holesE. g. the smooth surface of the metal


to slide a short distance by accident so that you fall or nearly fallE. g. She _______ed and landed flat on her back


is made suddenly, without you intending it or being able to control itE. _______________ cry of pain